Waste Receivables

Envirofert is fully consented to dispose of organic waste and inert materials that do not have an impact on people or the environment.

image of green waste

Green Waste

image of food waste

Food Waste

image of inert / dump waste

Inert Waste

image of cleanfill waste


Green Waste

Envirofert receives green waste from the Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions.


Food Waste

Located close to Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga, Envirofert’s site is ideally placed to manage foodwaste processing; including cropping wastes, pre consumer or factory wastes and separated post-consumer waste.

The Depackaging, Re-use and Disposal facility is available to our clients to process selected food waste products (e.g. damaged packaging, contamination or end of shelf life products). All food waste is processed under secure conditions.


Inert Waste

Envirofert processes waste products such as:

  • Non-contaminated soil
  • Approved Industrial Waste
  • Clay, glass, broken concrete


For more information about Food, Green and Inert Waste disposal, please contact:

Paul Yearbury,
Site Manager

Mob: 0274 961 051
Email: pauly@envirofert.co.nz

Envirofert field